ASNRT Committees

ASNRT Committees

The main targets of the Arab Society of Nephrology & Renal Transplantation include encouraging research, surveys and registries as well as maintaining communication within the Arab region.

 For this purpose, a special division of the Society was born under the name of 'Scientific Chapter' chaired by Prof. Dr. Abdullah Al Sayyari. This division was further subdivided into highly specialized committees in order to serve the general vision of the Society Board and members. In 2006, an initiative to hold specialized committee meetings where day to day problems in the field could be addressed was taken.

The first Renal Pathology meeting was held, and was a great success, not only scientifically but it also served as a corner stone for gathering Arab renal pathologists and enabling renewal of communication between Arab nephrologists and transplant surgeons.

This was the first step after which the Transplantation, Glomerulonephritis and Peritoneal Dialysis Committees proceeded with quite successful annual meetings that took place over a span of 2 years now.




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