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In the fifteen years since its foundation in 1986, the Arab Society of nephrology and renal transplantation (ASNRT) has markedly grown to include more than 2000 members from all the countries in the Arab region.

ASNRT has come a long way from being just a society with the aim of providing a solid link between the various countries in the region to playing an active role in the advancement of nephrology services in the region, through its active involvement with the local nephrology societies.

Through its active scientific division under which the Specialized Committees that hold their regular biannual congresses, the official journal of the society (AJNT) and the website all operate, the society has managed to provide access to both educational and up-to-date material to its members as well as to various scientific and training channels to promote clinical investigation and research.

Now, the ASNRT competes on a global level with the different international and regional societies.

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